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Sawa Sawa Foundation, Inc. was started by a group of individuals in Berkshire County, Massachusetts who want to give support and needed goods to non-governmental agencies that have a proven record of successful humanitarian service.

?We currently are focusing our efforts in Western Kenya. We have reroofed and rebuilt houses, built playgrounds, taught financial literacy, done art programs at primary schools, bought medical equipment and medicines etc. The last two years we are focusing on a rural community called Angiya where there is a maternity clinic which we are supporting.? We are also in the process of introducing agricultural training for 1000 families.? Crop rotation, water saving practices, composting, mulching are some of the techniques being introduced by our partner FREEKENYA.

?Our primary method of operation is to enhance local traditions and cultures to create efficient and self-sustaining, revenue generating community endeavors.

Click here for more information about the Sawa Sawa Foundation