We are hosting a book launch of “BIG” award-winning photographer Amos Nachoum Saturday, September 10th from 3-6 pm along with an exciting discussion highlighting his photographic journey to the edge of wilderness reflecting respect and compassion for the great animals and their habitat.

In this very important time of climate change, the very existence of many species on our planet is in serious jeopardy, including our own. We have come to be aware of the fragility and vulnerability of nature and the great mystery and beauty of life. In this amazing web that surrounds us many of these great creatures are in peril. St. Francis Gallery is honored to present Amos Nachoum and his photographic journey. This book, BIG, enables you to experience the humility of this sacred connection with all its magic and incomprehensible wonder. It does this by allowing you to see what cannot be spoken adequately in words. Through Amos’ ability, we get to go beyond fear, rigid beliefs, and constructs to dispel the myth of dangerousness, to build a bridge that connects us to this great wildness. Through his lens, we get to experience awe, surprise, love, respect, and gratitude as he dissolves the boundary between man and nature’s masterpieces and the boundary between art and nature. This book is not a requiem but a total embrace of what is now. 

   Amos Nachoum’s photographs have appeared in National Geographic, Time, Life, The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, and The Explorers Club Journal.