Beyond Words

Encounters that Resonate

Sat. July 17 through Mid September, 2021
Opening reception is on Sat. July 24, 4-6 pm.

Please join us for the opening of the show.
Live Jazz and Light Fare

Once again local artists provide outstanding work to display in our gallery. These works echo the hard universal sense of seeking personal daring challenges and growth that force people to take off the masks that many fear we cannot live without. The ones we also know we cannot also live within. This art represents that freedom, to not be afraid to be. You can see in these varied compositions what the subconscious creates and constructs from the ordinary, an uncanny display of assembled materials, patterns, shapes, and color. They are "beyond words".

If you allow yourself to engage with the art work it will most likely resonate with you in an unforeseen way, creating an acute familiarity, a presence of being, and a surprising rapport that is beyond words, a universal and beautiful aesthetic. Works of Myla Blum, Marc Davis, Beverly Bourassa, Jim Singalis, Peter Ombasa's Soapstone Coop in Rongo, Kenya as well as 15 other artists.

Please come and enjoy what St. Francis gallery has presented for you in this summer show. Support our local artistic community to continue their work. And also support the work that the gallery supports through Sawa Sawa Foundation in Kenya.

The artists' reception for the show, which will continue until September, will be July 24th Saturday from 3-6pm with jazz music and light fare. The gallery will be open for your pleasure each Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10-5pm.