Suzette Alsop Midori Curtis Caren Kinne Mark Olshansky Paul Solovay
Catherine America Doug Dales Kipsongo Projecr Jumpah  Orphanage H David Stein
Jennifer Archer Pamela Dalton Ernie Kirk Ivor Parry Paula Stern
Linda Baker-Cimini Karen Dolmanisth Lorraine Klagsbrun Anne W. Pasko Evelyn Stoecklein
Lori Barker Gail  Downey Kate Knapp Jennifer Pazienza Mauriane Sutter
William  Barkin Abby Dubow Maria Kolodziej-Zinicio Franco  Pellegrino Robert Taylor
Gary Beining Kim  Engle Casey Krawczyk Robert  Plant Scott Taylor
Myla Blum Nina Evans Kristin Kruszyna Susan Powers Cathy Weaver Taylor
Beverly  Bourassaa Valerie Fanarjrian Mia (Douglas) Laconte Lakey Pryjma Gina Vernava
Peggy Braun Dmitri Freund Richard Lasner Phil Pryjma Sharon  Vidal
Marguerite  Bride Peter Ganick Brya Lee Doreeen Rapport Bassirou Wane
Richard Britell Jean Germain Belinda Lyons Zucker David  Reed Kristin Wane Kruszyna
Andy  Bruce Christine Goldfinger Bruce Macdonald Dan Robataille Jerry Weiss
Laurie Cerasia Emily Goodwin Gloria Malcom-Arnold Robert Rosegarten Bradley Wheatherup
Denise Chandler Paul Greene Melody Mason Nina Rossi Dennis Wheeler
Ernie Chase Liz  Hazen Charles Mccollough Vlada Rouseff Tom Wood
Joan Ciolfi Grier Horner Nancy Meissner Michael Rousseau Troy Yulfo
Mary  Cobb Robert  Houghton Joan Mentzinger Mary Carol Rudin Alex Zenger
Deborah  Coombs  Jurek David Morris Jack  Sadoway Larry Zingale
Rick  Costello Marilyn Kalish Ted Murray Ann Scott  
Robin Crofut Brittingham Lonnie Kalfus Ellen Murtagh Bruce Shickmanter  
Edite Cunha Gigi Kingston Gerard Natale Jim Singellis  


As it is shown the list is extensive which reflects the richness of the Berkshire Art Community. The gallery gives a chance to local artists to exhibit their quality works to our community as well as the vast number of visitors that come to our region.
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